Burro Tail

Burro Tail


Burro Tail a beautiful plant that invokes running around naked in the dessert vibes. Okay not really, but they are cool.


  • Sedum morganianum

  • Bright warm sunlight

  • The soil should be a lightly mosit for newly established plants, but not overly wet. This is plant is draught talernet  

  • Cactus/Succulent 

  • Fertilize half the required dosage of water-soluble fertilizer according to package instructions once a month

  • Nontoxic to humans and pets

  • Special care: dust the leaves occasionally with damp cloth. This plant likes humidity so misting the leaves will help keep it moist and prevent mites 

  • Native to South Mexico 



You'll receive 2" burrotail similar to the plant in photograph. We hand select all our plants with a lot of care and rigor.  We love that you love plants and we want them to thrive in their new home. If you need anything please reach out to us! 


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