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We carefully curate every plant that finds its way into our shop. Our sourcing policy is rooted in sustainability and ethics, as we exclusively acquire plants from owners who adhere to responsible practices. We are committed to avoiding the use of harmful pesticides. The greenhouses we partner with are multi-generational, carrying a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Merchandise,  We source products with a focus on minimal to zero waste, ethical production, small-batch manufacturing, joy, and handmade makers. We firmly believe that our purchasing decisions empower other small businesses. t 95% of our product offerings are sourced from minority-owned businesses either a store credit or a full refund. 

Thank-you for your support. It means a lot.


Return Policy 


Please contact us with seven days of purchase.  All plants will be inspected and if they appear to be altered we reserve the right to refuse the return. We can not accept a return if the plant has been repotted in soil that was not purchased from us, or treated with any chemical. We hand select and inspect every plant that comes into the shop, we  put a lot of love into our plants, so we need to make sure they're returned with the same care.  Once the return is accepted we will issue you a store credit. ​

All other merchandise,  if the item has not been used and is sellable we will accept the return within 30 days for either a store credit or a full refund. 


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