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Helping your office, restaurant, and shops breathe better. 
Plant Care

The Plant Connector offers plant care and maintenance to cater to a vast range of plant needs and growth habits. Plants are recommended based on a combination of the lighting, size, and aesthetic of the space, along with any input or personal preference from you. We are also more than happy to care for plants that were originally not purchased through us, all plants are welcome! Click the button below to get started.

Watering Indoor Potted House Plants.jpg
Plant Scaping

We create and maintain dynamic interior and small plantscapes for your specific enviroment. This can be in the from of hanging gardens to wedding centerpieces to full interior design projects.  If you’re interested in having us design, or care for a plantscape , feel free to click the button below and fill out the form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can - usually within 24 hours. Looking forward to hearing from you

coffee shop indoor with wood bar and pla
Plant Supply

The Plant Connector offers personalized consultations and plant supply for all professional office spaces, retail spaces, or restaurants. You can customize your plant choices as much or as little as you prefer, and choose the level of care you would like us to provide if you chose to go forward.   If you already have plants and are exclusively looking for care, you can browse our care packages and choose one that fits best here

Vertical Gaedens

The Plant Connector creates custom wall gardens that range in size and materials.  Not only do the walls add a wow factor to any space they can be low to no maintenance. They come in various sizes and designs and are guaranteed to bring your inside closer to nature. For more information please click the button and fill out the inquiry form. 

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Team Workshops

We offers a variety of different class themes for team-building days, personal parties, or children’s events. Our workshop leader has taught classes for everybody, from inquisitive adults to the sweetest little future botanists  Our classes can be customized to fit the event to your specifications. For more info click here

Terrarium Miniature Botanical Horticultu
Instutional Gifts

From mini succulents to larger vining plants, if you are looking to give a gift that will stand out as unique, beautiful and impactful, we have you covered. Oh and did we mention that you’re helping to improve your recipients’ air quality as well as the aesthetic appeal of their work space? If you’re interested in having us create or source a gift for your team  feel free to click the button below

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